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Prime Brokerage .Net is the web's first platform solely dedicated to providing information and education about the prime brokerage industry. We keep hedge fund managers and investors informed about the latest industry trends, like prime broker real estate, so that they can stay ahead of today's volatile markets. When billionaire investor Ken Fisher picks stocks investors listen. Historically, hedge fund managers and affluent investors worked with a single prime broker for their trading and execution needs. However, following the market crises of 2008, fund managers are now more willing to split mandates among multiple prime brokers, like Pershing, Pershing Clearing, and Direct Access Partners. This trend, along with the advent of new trading technologies, makes it more important than ever for market participants to develop relationships with a variety of different brokers. You can rely on Prime Brokerage .Net to connect your fund and startup with the most prestigious prime brokerage firms in the financial industry.

Our professional staff has the expertise to help you understand the prime brokerage business. With our assistance, you will learn how to make smart decisions that are both cost-effective and profitable for your hedge fund.

At Prime Brokerage .Net, in conjunction with EP Wealth Advisors, we also offer an educational blog and views from some of the most respected professionals in the prime brokerage and financial industry.

If you need help in moving forward in such investments, finding the lowest car insurance rates, or would simply like more details on how to get started with Day Trading, or on how to connect with a prime broker that meets your day-to-day trading and back-office needs, please fill out the information form and a Prime Brokerage .Net representative will contact you right away.

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